CPU Usage by MySQL on senhasegura


If you see senhasegura application consuming a significant portion of the processing dedicated to MySQL, often resulting in a display of 100% CPU usage, this behavior is expected and is part of the application's efficient design.

Details of CPU Usage:

  1. Processing Concentration:
    • senhasegura is designed to optimize processes, concentrating the use of processor cores when interacting with MySQL. This may differ from other processes that use only part of the available cores.
  2. CPU Usage Indicator:
    • The display of 100% CPU usage refers to 100% of one of the CPUs in the environment.
    • senhasegura have minimum recommended hardware resources for its efficient operation looking to ensure that processing is adequately distributed. To check the necessary resources check our documentation link Virtual Appliances.


  1. Overall System Performance:
    • Even if the indicator reaches 100% for one CPU, the overall system performance is not compromised. The high utilization is a deliberate strategy to keep the interaction with the MySQL database optimized and efficient.