Corrupted Application URL and Login Interface Loop

During the configuration process of senhasegura, it is necessary to set up an application URL.
To configure it, follow the path Orbit Config. Manager → Configuration → Application, altering the ‘Application URL’ field.
This configuration is important because if the inserted URL is invalid, it can cause platform login issues, potentially leading to senhasegura environment unavailability.

  • If you have incorrectly configured the application URL and need to modify it, follow the steps below to make the necessary changes in the configuration files:
  1. Backup the runtime.cfg File:
    Execute the following command to move the runtime.cfg file and rename it, creating a backup:
    mv /var/senhasegura/runtime.cfg /var/senhasegura/runtime.cfg_bkp
  2. Backup the orbit.cfg File:
    Next, move the orbit.cfg file and create a backup with the command:
    mv /var/senhasegura/orbit/orbit.cfg /var/senhasegura/orbit/orbit.cfg_bkp

These commands will preserve the current settings by creating backups of the files, allowing senhasegura to recreate the files and thus resolve the corrupted URL issue and the login interface loop.

If the problem persists, verify the DNS configurations and the consistency of the record created to ensure they are correct.