Como registrar um template no módulo de execuções

To create a template, access Executions → Settings → Templates.


The screen of Execution Templates will open, listing all of the registered templates in senhasegura.

The templates work with functions of writing, execution and waiting of lines of characters.

The functions of templates are:

  • EXPECT - Wait for a specific string or character on the screen, searching for finding what was specified.

  • EXPECT-REGEX - Stronger version of expect. This function searches a string or character based on the expression of the search.

  • NO-EXPECT - Works like a search of exceptions. In this case, the search expects don´t find the specified criteria.

  • WRITE - Write a string or character on a system device;

  • EXEC - Write a string or character on a system device, simulating the enter key. This function will write and execute, unlike the write function;

  • END - End the template execution.

An example:

If you want to create a new template, click on the action button and select “new template”. On the new window, you can write your execution template code.

If you want to change an existing template, click on the respective action button, and select " Edit template".


After writing or changing a template, click on “Save” .